Hey Monday, can you top that Sunday? Gunners are here .

So, I presume lot of you must have had a hangover celebrating Spurs getting thrashed . The FA cup semifinal was absolutely cracking. I actually thought Tottenham had it in them to beat Chelsea. How wrong was I! Frankly, I couldn’t care less who won. But there were some pretty interesting moments in the game.

First things first

Chelsea as a club will never gain any respect, it was despicable on some of their fans part not to honor the minute’s silence. This may be harsh, but I mean it, the behavior is a reflection of some of their players and the club as a whole. It’s nice for the club to come out and criticize that section of fans.

Why will Tottenham never ever be a big club?

Well I don’t mean to go into the thousands of reasons for that, but a few are worth noting

1) Their defense is utter nonsense: They seem to accumulate all the used and spent center backs in the league. Gallas didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing. At one point during the 2 nd half he gave up tracking Malouda.

2) The truth is they managed to play pretty football for some time. But to do it consistently, you need to have a squad which believes and more importantly has the skills. Except for Modric, Bale and Van der vaart, none of the other players have any great quality. (Adebayor is hardly a spurs player, offer him what they pay Modric , he will vanish in a second)

3) The manager cannot concede defeat after issuing a battle cry just 2 weeks before (didn’t he say bring it on Arsenal? – for the 3 rd place). From winning the league title to being happy with 4 th , it took 2 months. Some ambition huh!

Manchester United are reportedly closing a deal to buy Nicolas Gaitan from Benefica for 20 million. That’s pretty much curtains for Luka Modric to move to old Trafford. Wonder if Chelsea still feel he is worth 40 million. Not smart Tottenham!

The refs screwed up again!

I am no expert in refereeing and am pretty much an amateur with a lot of football rules. But I never thought it was a goal yesterday. Also, is it not a foul to impede the goal keeper? Terry did not impede, but he absolutely barged into the goal keeper. Of course, the gentleman he is, he admitted after the match that the ball possibly did not cross the goal.

Cricket was probably the first sport to have reviews and video help. Third umpires assisting on field umpires etca… , yes it’s a much slower sport, but it has helped in bringing a lot of fairness into the game. Tennis has done the same, with the review system, where each player is given three chances for appeal in a single set. It’s worked wonders.

With football it is not that straight. The USP of football is the pace of the game. So there will be a small compromise to get those decisions right. UEFA started with referees behind the goal post, but it looks like it was a scheme devised to give one man the best possible view of the action. And let’s face it, if it’s not your team which is at the receiving end or you are a neutral, one gets fun out of these situations. But the time has come for football to be a little more open to change and think of the best possible way. Probably selective referring of decisions, a contentious goal, handball or a dive? Since these influence a game more than anything else.

Remember, the referees have a tough job of getting the decisions right, with just one look. So they have a tough job. But the more one team is awarded penalties in respect to others, the more of conspiracy theories.

So Monday is here and so are the Gunners!

Enough of the losers and goons. Let’s admit it, a weekend without the Gunners is absolutely devastating, and worse, we have to watch the goons and divers. Anyway the gunners are here today and Monday suddenly is more appealing. We play Wigan at home and it doesn’t get much easier than that! Well, not really. Wigan are a team on the up and have started on their traditional season end surge which ends with holding on to their place in the premier league for one more year.

There is little doubt Arsenal will be aware that Wigan can easily repeat their last week heroics. Wigan have been playing pretty decent football all season. It was their finishing which let them down for a majority of the games. They play a lot like Arsenal, moving the ball forward and creating chances.

Needless to say, except for the aberration at Loftus road, our form has been right up there. There is no reason not to win, get 3 points and keep pull away from everyone. But this is a little tricky nevertheless.

The first uncomfortable factor us Koscielny being unavailable. This is a big test for Djourou. Against Wolves, he had a decent performance, though hardly tested. Wigan have the ability to test our center back. Vermaelen should be able to provide good leadership. One notable fact during the Wolves game was Song and Arteta taking turns to stay back. Probably it will be the same today. Gibbs is back in training and I presume he will start. Santos is a wonderful character, but against Wolves he had a couple of nervous moments.

The rest of the team selects itself and that’s a good sign. So what could be the probable line up ?

Starting: Sczezsny, Sagna, Djourou , Vermaelen , Gibbs, Arteta , Song, Theo , Rosicky , Benayoun and RVP

Subs: Gervinho, Santos, Oxlade Chamberlain, Fabianski, Jenkinson and Ramsey.

Player to watch out? Theo Walcott, he had an amazing 30 mins against Wolves. His confidence is growing day by day and it’s becoming clear as to how dangerous he can be with those runs. His finishing has improved by leaps and bounds. Arsenal to score in the first 10 minutes, which will calm the players and bring the best out. Hope the fans at Emirates are up to it. Let’s go gunners!

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